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Unstuck and On Target® is a 12-week executive function intervention for students age 11-15 that targets goal setting and flexible problem solving. It teaches simple strategies that build executive functioning and helps tweens and teens regulate their feelings and behavior. The class offers an engaging, interactive curriculum, adapted for adolescents from the research-based curriculum presented in Unstuck and On Target®.  Parents attend a separate weekly virtual class and are taught how to be executive function coaches for their tweens/teens. Regular attendance is imperative to program success.


Unstuck and On Target® is appropriate for students who are performing at grade level. Adolescents struggling with flexibility, problem solving, goal setting, motivation, and follow through benefit from the skills taught in this program. Class sizes are designed to be small to allow for individualized coaching for each family.


  • Flexibility and power

  • Compromise

  • Accepting and letting go of disappointment

  • Efficient planning

  • Realistic vs. unrealistic goals

  • Evaluating a plan and identifing obstables

  • Making a Plan B


Prospective families can call (414) 436-0883 or email to schedule a free phone screen to assess whether Unstuck and On Target® is appropriate for their child. After the phone screen, both the child and parent/caregiver coach participate in a 45-minute virtual intake appointment.


Elevate Behavioral Health is a registered CLTS waiver provider. We accept private pay and reimbursement through the CLTS waiver.


Start Date: 9/17/24
End Date:  12/18/24

Class Time: Parents/caregivers meet virtually on Tuesday mornings from 10:00-11:00 a.m. Students meet in-person on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Location: Hartland, WI
Executive function classes are held throughout the school year. Another Unstuck and On Target® class will run February - April 2025. 

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